Refrigeration and Allied Engineering Services

Scantec Refrigeration Technologies Pty. Ltd. is a specialist provider of industrial refrigeration engineering services. Industrial refrigeration and refrigeration generally are disciplines that are almost exclusively dedicated to the general good of mankind.

Most of the elements of modern life like food preservation, comfort cooling, food processing, manufacture of beverages, certain elements of health care, production and storage of pharmaceuticals and indeed production and distribution of various forms of energy would not be possible in the manner humanity has become accustomed to without refrigeration.

The expertise of Scantec is in the areas of industrial refrigeration and freezing with emphasis on the use of natural refrigerants like NH3 and CO2. Allied disciplines are heat exchanger design and rating techniques, prediction of chilling and freezing times, chemical unit operations, refrigeration plant analysis, energy recovery, safety audits, electronic control, electronic monitoring and electrical design.

These are all elements where Scantec has had past, in depth and very extensive involvement both nationally and internationally. This is reflected in the quality and the extent of the services that we are in a position to provide to you, our customers.