At Scantec we have in excess of 150 years of collective industrial refrigeration experience.

The scantec team comprises a group of highly qualified, dedicated industrial refrigeration specialists with multi‐facetted experience from all over the world. Together we bring to you—whatever the task—an uncompromising commitment to quality, innovation and finding new and better ways.

We invite you to use our expertise in industrial refrigeration, environment control and electronics. We look forward to assist you in positioning your business where you want it to be. We will listen to your needs, and your needs only. Our engineers and staff will be happy to assist you with developing/expanding your existing facility or work with you to develop new.

Low Charge Ammonia - High Performance

Toowoomba Ice Cream Factory

Catering Facility


Super Efficient Plug and Play Ammonia Engine Rooms

Air Conditioning with Ammonia - Fact or Fiction?